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Your brand is not yours

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Your brand doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the people. As much as you might think that you're in the drivers seat of your image, you are not. If that's difficult to hear, I'm sorry, but not sorry.

Let's be very clear... your brand is not what people see. It isn't your logo, your website, your advertisements, your products or your images. Your brand is what your AUDIENCE makes it to be. It is the defined by the emotional relationship your customers have with your company/product/service.

What does that emotional relationship depend on? It depends on your customer experience, your hospitality, customer service, speech, communication, and even your strategy.


Are you noticing a pattern? These are all things that are NOT tangible.

A brand is a relationship and it is the hope of every business owner that it be a good one.

Just like in relationships with people, it's thoughts and feelings that matter most. We all want someone that is thoughtful, attentive, kind, caring and makes us feel good about who we are. Positive consistency builds trust. The audience you have should trust you. Those are the makings of a good brand. Break the trust, fail to reinforce the good and your brand isn't as strong as it was. Consider your favorite brands and why you love them, why you continuously choose them over others. Now, think about brands who put you in a negative space just at the mention of a name. Did their product fail you, what's their customer service reputation like?

"Build your brand" by giving your audience something to believe in and trust. Commit to creating good feelings and memories. Cultivate the relationship you want by laying a solid foundation so the intangible aspects are what will seal the deal. Your strategy is the most important, before you design a logo, or produce a product consider what the emotional connection to those things might be? Think about it.

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