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a woman's life is filled with enough barriers including becoming an entrepreneur.

I feel like having a quality visual brand shouldn't be one of them. 

Done With You
done with you

You can stop asking facebook groups to review your designs and get direct feedback. 

Whether you have a quick question or want an expert opinion on a graphic, area of your website or simply to know if your idea "makes sense", the quick consult is perfect. 

In this private 30minute video session you can “pick my brain” on all things personal branding, social media, reinventing yourself, content strategy and/or marketing.



It doesn't get any more personal than this!


Strategy Sessions that are designed to help you gain clarity for the vision you want or the business you have. 


Experience guided conversations and creative insight for your next steps. The goal here is always transformation, you'll leave our session with several ideas and actionable steps so you know what to do next! 


done for you



or 4 installments of $2250 

Here's what's included:

-3 Brand Strategy Sessions

-Full Brand Guide
-Full Website Design (Up to 10 pages)
-Basic SEO setup

-Lead Magnet Creation
-E-mail marketing Plan
-Social Media Content Creation Session

-Brand Management Plan
-Photoshoot Creative Direction
-Systems Audit + Configuration

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.11.41 AM.png



Afterpay available, split your payment into 4.

Logo ( 3 file types / up to 5 Variations )
Brand Board

Initial Brand Discovery
1 60 min. Strategy Session

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.39.45 PM.png
StoreProductTiles_Brand Boost.jpg

are you ready to work with seventh + lane?

Yes, if

Not yet, if...

  • you're an expert, but you're not showing up like one

  • you understand the importance of proper branding

  • you're tired of shying away from networking
    opportunities because your brand has no digital presence. 

  • you are ready to make the investment in your business's future. 

  • you're overwhelmed by trying to do this by yourself.

  • you understand the exploratory work involved and are willing to put the time in to obtain a desired result.

  • you're open to and not afraid of change.

  • you are not ready to make the necessary investments.

  • you want a quick/rushed process

  • you haven't answered these 4 questions here

  • you're content with cutting corners

  • you enjoy being overwhelmed

  • you want to hold on to systems and processes that are not serving you out of convenience. 

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