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you deserve to be seen! 

I create visual brands for impactful professional women entrepreneurs who want to show up well online. 


Clean, thoughtful design paired with education and support to help you build a strong foundation. You’re either currently working a 9-5 while trying to start your service-based business or you've been in business for a while and you're operating without a solid visual brand.  


There are people looking for you but they can't find you in a sea of sameness and obscurity.  Let's craft something that is unique to you and puts the light where it belongs! #showupsure

are you ready to work with seventh + lane?

Yes, if

Not yet if

  • you're an expert, but you're not showing up like one

  • you understand the importance of proper branding

  • you're tired of shying away from networking opportu-nities because your brand has no digital presence. 

  • you are ready to make the investment in your business's future. 

  • you're overwhelmed by trying to do this by yourself.

  • you understand the exploratory work involved and are willing to put the time in to obtain a desired result.

  • you're open to and not afraid of change.

  • you are not ready to make the necessary investments.

  • you want a quick/rushed process

  • you haven't answered these 4 questions [here]

  • you're content with cutting corners

  • you enjoy being overwhelmed

  • you want to hold on to systems and processes that are not serving you out of convenience. 

a woman's life is filled with enough barriers. for many, the journey to becoming an entrepreneur is full of them. 

I've decided that having a quality visual brand shouldn't be one of them.

So whether your time, budget, or needs require we equip you to do the work, we do it with you, or do it for you, we have an option for that.  

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