Your brand's visual identity should not only be appealing, to your target audience but the message should also be  clear. More than the design, I care about the story and the brand strategy. Every great structure should have a solid foundation. We'll start each project with a plan, looking at the pain points and finding solutions that work for YOU!


 I understand how busy and challenging it can be trying to make your dreams happen. Seventh + Lane was created to help professional entrepreneurs like you remove the overwhelm so you can get back to actually running your business.

brand identity

We've got to start at the beginning:

who you are, who you want to serve, how, and most importantly why?

Great branding requires a solid foundation and a plan. This package includes strategy session, outlines and planning in addition to visual identity. There are a myriad of ways to go about presenting and maintaining your brand. A clear and uniquely designed strategy allows us to build a plan that fit you.


You'll be creating a blue print that your business can confidently follow. (Also included is a brand audit for existing  businesses.



website design

show up sure

the complete package!

Show up authentically, confidently, and with the clarity needed for the future!


The Show Up Sure package is for the business owner whose mind is set on success and who understands what is required for positive growth. It's for the business that needs it all: Brand Strategy & Creation, Photography, Website Design, and a Social Media Presence. 


If you're serious about being confident and visible, this is for you. Together we'll go from Why to Wow ensuring that you have the clarity needed for you to win. 



Your website is your digital representative. It's a silent employee that works for you around the clock.

Together we will come up with a design and format that best serves your business. The goal is for your audience to get the information they need and to have your personality shine through. 

Your clients deserve an amazing user experience and you deserve a system that helps you get sales and leads. 


As an added bonus we will also help set up the necessary back-office systems that will aid in your success.