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Client Since: May 2018
Industry: Business Consulting & Coaching
Challenge before S+L: Not feeling confident about doing business without a credible visual presence. 
Impacting: Black women on their way to 6 figures and
businesses who need proper HR and team implementation
Connect:  @jvplegacy    @thinkwithjoy


JVP Legacy is a Small Business Human Resources consulting firm that primarily supports black female entrepreneurs in their transition from business owner to business leaders. 

On average, businesses owned by black women generate only 24 thousand dollars annually. This occurs in part because we wait too long to hire the help we need to grow our businesses. JVP is working to change that. This company is powered by a black woman who has teamed up with other black women to empower and push black women. See a trend here?


Brand Identity

Website Design

Social Media Graphics

She needed a way to distinguish her personal brand from her corporate persona and organization. Another need was positioning JVP visually to stand out amongst other HR companies not aimed at assisting black women or persons of color. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 5.43.42 PM.png
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