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Client Since: FEBRUARY 2020
Industry: Lifestyle: Productivity & Purpose
Challenge before S+L:  Not having the time to DIY her site and knowing she needed a professional touch that would help her show up authentically. 
Impacting: Black mom's, families, individuals and business owners looking to be productive and purposeful. 
Connect:  @iammelissadawn


Melissa Dawn is GOALS! She does ALL-THE-THINGS, and what's better, she does them with grace! She's a wife, mother of 3, business owner and an executive pastor. How does she do it all? By letting her purpose fuel her productivity. 

While many are enamored by the outcomes it's the behind the scenes work for me! It's the details and planning that people don't see that get the jobs done. This is what Melissa Dawn is bringing to her audience. How to operate not perfectly but purposefully. It was a JOY designing her project. We even talked about on my IG Live [ Watch the Replay Here ]

Melissa Dawn Quote

"Magic Magic in the Mundane" ,"Light,  Love & Lyrics". These are her tag lines and so we needed to turn ALL OF THE LIGHTS ON! Bright, fun colors that reflect her personality and the tone of her messaging. MD screams faith, purpose and all things promising.  I wanted her color palette to reflect just that. 

One of my primary inspirations were her images from the shoot she did with Mortimer Visuals. (One of my NY faves) Quality photography can influence so many things, in addition to boosting the quality and presentation of a brand's visual identity. Once the brand kit was approved, the rest was easy.


Brand Identity

Website Design

Add On:

Social Assets

Digital + Print Collateral

MelissaDawnBrandGuide_ExtendedColor Pale
MelissaDawnBrandGuide_ExtendedLogo Varia

The BRAND LOVE package worked best for Melissa and her business.

Which will you choose?

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