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Client Since: May 2018
Industry: Human Resources
Challenge before S+L:  Went though several designers who weren't a good match. 
Impacting: Black women with e-commerce businesses looking to enhance their teams, leadership + culture. 
Connect:  @hrfortheculture


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Joy is  on a mission to help black women build the teams they need to scale their businesses, increase their profits and reclaim their time and their JOY (pun intended). 

Her company HR For The Culture provides strategies and services that allow our clients to hire strategically, lead effectively, and improve their company culture.

On average, businesses owned by black women generate only 24 thousand dollars annually. This occurs in part because we wait too long to hire the help we need to grow our businesses. HRFTC is working to change that. This company is powered by a black woman who has teamed up with other black women to empower and push black women. See a trend here?

Joy Pittman
HR For the Culture Brand Guide

The goal with her project was trying to make something so corporate look and feel extremely relatable. Her clientele are 6,7, 8 figure business owners who don't resemble the standard corporate view. 

HR4TC clients show up as themselves in t-shirts, jeans and the occasional headwrap to lead teams, change lives and make waves in the e-commerce arena.  So while there is much structure involved in what she provides the aesthetic didn't need to be stiff. 

I started by borrowing themes from the branding from her umbrella company JVP Legacy. Specifically, I was inspired by a painting by artist @artbymonday and the rest was so God inspired! For her website we used a mix of black girl stock photography, and images from her shoot  with DAG Images. Photography is such an important component. Check out some of her deliverables below. 


Brand Identity

Website Design

Social Assets

Digital + Print Collateral

Merch Design

Creative Consult

HR For the culture Brand Guide
HR For The Culture Website
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Shop For The Cultured

The SHOW UP SURE package worked best for Joy and her business.

Which will you choose?

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