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Jenny Weaver is a singer, songwriter and psalmist based in Florida.  She has an extremely large audience that follows her ministry which requires her to show up online in a major way.

The beauty about working with Jenny is that she's pretty self sufficient. Unfortunately for her, she was pretty much an army of one. Her site had traffic, and she has over 58,000 followers on Facebook alone so her issue had nothing to do with engagement. Jenny's audience LOVE'S HER. 😍

She however, didn't love her website, and as the result of a referral contacted me. I had limited time to work on her site because she was preparing for a special event  and that was a challenge for me. I normally have more time to spend working with a client, but because of the referral I made an exception.


One of the first things I did was add to her existing palette, it was way too dark. Her immediate aesthetic is comfortable, warm and inviting and I needed to convey that in a digital space. I can't stress enough the importance of good photography and Jenny had that so it made my job much easier. 

Jenny sent over everything I asked for and once I reorganized her new and existing copy & content I got busy. The end result is one that she LOVED! Her audience noticed the change immediately and they responded so well to it. It fit her now. What they see on her website is who they see in person, or on her live feed. The goal was to create an authentic feel that speaks to the kind of heart Jenny has. 

Whether she's singing the scriptures on Facebook Live or on the road performing, her website is working for her in the background. The experience was so great that a few months later she contacted me to add more pages as she was expanding her offerings. 

Jenny is beyond inspiring and I'm so grateful I was able to help her extend her mission in this way.  I can't wait to see what she does next!


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