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Client Since: May 2020
Industry: Equity + Disability Justice 
Challenge before S+L:  Transitioning from 9-5 to full time entrepreneurship and needed to solidify her presence.
Impacting: Organizations and organizers looking to be more effective in their work/businesses looking for help with accessibility/equity.
Connect:  @catalystconsultingroc

Luticha André



Luticha is a scientist, fencer, cat lover, and warrior for equity and disability justice. Instead of talking about change, she is concerned with being part of change by helping to change the way we see the world and ourselves. 

True equity is everyone getting what they need and Catalyst Consulting exists to aid in making sure that all communities are equitable and inclusive. One major part of the equation involves justice. Justice has to include removing the barriers to equity and and that's why the principles of disability justice are at the heart of everything we do. 

Equity talk isn't glamorous, equity work isn't pretty or fun, but Luticha is. Yes, she's in a wheelchair but that doesn't stop her work or her bright style. I wanted to bring some that into her professional work. She's yet another example of not having to choose professionalism over passion. It was important to bring light to a subject no one likes to talk about and a group of people society would easily ignore and quiet. Sometimes the change we want to see is the change we have to be. Luticha is that and more.  #MVPMagic for real!

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Brand Identity

Website Design

Social Assets

Digital + Print Collateral

Merch Design

Creative Consult

Copy Alignment

Luticha herself was all the inspiration I needed for the mood board. I knew this project had to be BRIGHT! One of the more important aspects was making sire it was ADA compliant with ALT text for images and easily readable fonts. The end result was an 8 page site that  can grow with her as her company gains momentum. One of the reasons I use Wix is because of the ease with which my clients can either continue the work themselves, have their staff work on it, or higher an outside source without any parties needing to rely on code.

It was important to me the her brand identity not only looked good but felt good to her. Confidence is important because she'll be using it to reach her audience and service her clients, 

CatConBrandGuideColor Palette.jpg
CatConBrandGuideLogo Variations.jpg

InstaStory Image promoting

her Lead Magnet


Company mascot! Inspired by the company name and Luticha's two beloved cats

The BRAND LOVE package worked best for Luticha and her business.

Which will you choose?

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