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Joy Pittman is a Thought Partner and Business Strategist. She helps individuals and organizations with prevention of business hinderances and planning for future sustainable growth.

Our partnership began May 2018. She came with great images and had already worked with someone on her logo but something was still off.  What she had was okay but it needed tweaking so that it would be a more accurate reflection of who she is and how she wanted to be presented. I started by making a small change to her logo that she instantly loved. (It was an edit the previous designer refused to make). I also expanded her narrow color palette. Joy is vibrant, robust and full of life, her clients need to know that when they encounter her. 

So we found ourselves with a plan for her visuals and a strategy for her website so I began to build. 

The beauty of the process is that she was able to clarify all of the aspects of her business.  Joy was able to examine herself and add or take away aspects that affected how she showed up. She launched her site in November 2018 and has been going non-stop ever since. Showing up confidently and consistently for her digital audience helped to solidify her as an expert in her field.


Her cup is overflowing with speaking engagements, workshops, her own events, and so much more. 

As a full time corporate employee and law school student she has to meticulously manage her time and client engagement. Each area of business needs to work for her, so she can be free to work for them. Showing up Sure ensures that Joy is free to strategize and present the solutions her clients need. -----> JOYPITTMAN.COM

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