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Chris Anthony  is an exceptional vocal coach, clinician and singer. He specializes in helping students to fine tune their vocal technique and educating them in the area of vocal health.

I was honored when Chris reached out and said he was ready to take the leap into this area of entrepreneurship. He was hesitant and unsure of how he should approach his next steps! My answer, "Do it afraid, but do it anyway"! We set a date to sit down and carve out piece by piece what he wanted to do, how he could and should get it done and how we would present him. 

Chris has so much value to offer because he's done the hard work. He's honed his craft with constant work in the field, a degree from an excellent school in the area of voice and instrumentation and he is practices what he preaches when it comes to taking care of the voice. 

Even though his stepping out into the world this way is God ordained, he still needed a strategy and proper planning.

We covered pricing, booking, session length, types of offerings and most importantly his WHY. You've got to put thought into every area because they each help the business machine run. His clients and students need to see him as a premier educator because he contributes to their professional and academic careers in a major way.

Most background vocalists and singers are always in black and Chris does that well, but I wanted to lighten it up a bit: Professional with a bit of fun. I kept his color palette simple and paired them with his charismatic photos. His pictures do an excellent job at conveying his personality. 

This visual branding project is only the beginning for Chris. I'm looking forward to the expansion of his visual identity and I can only imagine the great work he's gonna do.  


Check him out!             @_IAMCHRISANTHONY

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